Homemade Baby Food: Better For Your Baby, Easier For You

Homemade Baby Food: Better For Your Baby, Easier For You
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This article is about the merits of making homemade baby food versus buying it at the store. It explains how you can make your food for your baby from right in your kitchen. Parents looking at homemade food as an alternative for feeing their baby should read this article.

Many parents are now finding the idea of making homemade baby food more desirable that buying store bought food. There are several reasons for this. For one, making homemade baby food is budget friendly. Also, many parents like the idea of knowing exactly what their child eats. In addition, there are been many concerns lately over the safety of commercial foods. If you are interested in making homemade baby food, here are some points to consider.

When you baby gets old enough to start eating solids, it is a big jump. This is often when parents realize that they are now responsible for teaching their child about good eating habits. Your child will always have their likes and dislikes, but you can have a part in what they eat. You are responsible for feeding your child healthy foods. It is true that jarred baby foods are convenient, but they are also pricey and they may or may not be so safe. The good news is that it is possible to make your own baby food and it may be easier than you think.

First, in order to make good baby food, you will need the right tools. A blender just won’t cut it. You will need a good food processor. This is much quicker and easier to use. It will also give you the results that you need, which is smooth baby food. You will also want a steamer, or a way to steam the food. You can steam with a small steamer basket in a pot, or you can buy an electric steamer. Ice cube trays are also wonderful because you can freeze the baby food in individual serving sizes and not worry about it going bad. This is certainly better than having a dozen half eaten jars of baby food in the refrigerator.

As you begin preparing the food, you will want to buy natural foods, such as raw vegetables that have not been processed. You will steam the food until it is done. You will also want to be very careful of adding salt and other seasonings. Your baby won’t need them and they probably won’t like them anyway. After it is steamed, you will want to use your food processor to make it pureed. Many processors have this setting, so it will be easy. Just remember that your baby won’t be able to handle the big chunks yet. After the food is cooled, spoon it into the freeze trays and freeze. When it is completely frozen, put the chunks into freezer bags and label. When you are ready to feed your baby, simply take a chunk out and cook in the microwave.

As your baby gets better with eating baby food, you can start staging the food. This means that you can leave bigger chunks in the food. You baby will also want to eat more, so you can completely control the portion size. Making your baby food is a great and easy alternative to buying jarred food at the store.

This article explained the mechanics behind making your own baby food. It is a simple and cheaper alternative to buying jarred baby food in stores, and gives you more control over what and how your baby eats.

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