5 Healthy Foods to Eat for the Week

5 Healthy Foods to Eat for the Week


When was the last time you went to the grocery to buy healthy foods to eat? If you hate spending a couple of hours in the kitchen, then it is highly likely that you have not been to the grocery in a long time. You need to eat healthy, to not only be strong but also to love a healthy life, free from illness. You therefore need to rain yourself to stop doing hotels or starving or going hungry to making food in your kitchen, at home. Here is a list of healthy foods that you should be eating and are probably not eating at all.


I am sure this food sounds foreign to you, probably because you had a piece a long time ago or have never had a bite since birth. Broccoli is a single most valuable super food, which the exact amount of the recommended dose of vitamin C as well as an appropriate amount of vitamin K. It is a great food to eat, not only for the “eat healthy & live healthy” reason but also because it helps to cure different forms of cancer.


The bitter taste in the lemon probably makes them the worst choice of food you will ever make. Well, that is okay from a normal perspective. Wait a minute though. You need to take lemons daily because they contain a good amount of vitamin C, which the body needs on a daily basis. Lemon is a great food because it helps to improve the levels of cholesterol as well as strengthening your bones.


I am not talking about fried chips at the local restaurants please. I am talking about the potatoes you buy raw from the grocery and prepare right in the kitchen. I believe boiled ones mixed with a good amount of salt is great for breakfast. I eat potatoes because they contain a good amount of folate, which helps build the cells of the body. Potatoes also have a good amount of vitamin A, which the body needs on a daily to fight cancer and boost the immune system.


Beans are not just sweet for their taste. They are foods you should not miss because of the many health benefits attached to them. First, they are a good source of proteins that the body requires on a daily basis to function properly. In addition, beans are the best foods to take as they lower the risk of heart diseases by a rate of 22% on a daily basis. I would recommend taking beans at least four times a week. Do not worry if you cannot. You can always start small and then adjust to the four times a week program. Women who take beans at the same ratio of days give their bodies’ immune system the ability to fight breast cancer.


I must always include spinach in my food at least three times a week because of the health benefits spinach has. It is a quite a good food for boosting immune system as well as eye health.

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