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I opened the carton and the sheer number of different household cleaners stunned me.

When I signed on to the “green challenge”, I didn’t really know what I was in for.  I figured, “What the hell? What could it hurt?”  Maybe the world will be a better place if I stop using so much of the so-called “toxic stuff”.  As I peered into the carton I saw clear plastic (recyclable, natch) bottles with all kinds of liquids of varying viscosity.

There was clear dish soap to replace my long-standing favorite, blue Dawn; there was clear liquid hand soap there to replace my orange-pink Dial Antibacterial; there was clear dishwashing detergent to supplant my need for aqua Cascade; there was clear window cleaner to take the place of familiar blue you-know-what; and there was clear all-purpose cleaner to stand in for Formula 409 (whose color is unknown to me because it comes in opaque bottles).

I get the idea that clear liquid has the implicit connotation of “wholesome”, and “unadulterated”, and “minimally processed”.  Certainly, except for the viscosity one could easily mistake the fluids for water.  But I’m going to be struggling for a while around the whole concept of “Clear equals Green”.   Perhaps I’m just a product of my upbringing, but to me the lack of color implies “incomplete”, or “lacking something”.  Personally, I’d prefer a hint of green, a whisper of green, or a touch of green in my “Green” products.  But that’s just me.

When I got my head into the products themselves, I was fairly well impressed.  There was no “second class” status for these products.  They worked on their own – without me making allowances for them.  After all, what would be the point of producing a cleaner that didn’t clean? These concoctions do their jobs well.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention.  They have no scent.  How is that possible?  I have no idea.  Doesn’t everything have a scent?  I guess not.  So anybody out there with perfume allergies, you can no longer use that excuse for not doing the dishes or cleaning the kitchen.

To find out more about the products and the company, Ultra International, click here.

I was born in the 50’s and came of age in the 60’s.  I have seen lots of trends come and go over my semi-century of life, so please bear with my as I ramble on about a sea-change that has occurred in my lifetime.

I was talking with a friend of mine a couple of days ago, and we got to talking about the so-called “obesity epidemic”.  She made the point that when we were young, there was in our town the fat man.  Everyone in town knew him.  He was the one with the gut that hung over his belt.  If you mentioned “the fat guy” everyone knew whom you were referring to.  She went on to say that the men she remembered from when she was little  were “kinda skinny” and needed their belts cinched in at the waist to hold their trousers up on their hips.

Then I recalled one of my favorite movies, The Maltese Falcon, in which Humphrey Bogart refers to Kasper Gutman (no pun there – and played every so well by Sydney Greenstreet) as “The Fat Man”.  Being “the fat one” was an identifying characteristic.

Back in my day (God, I’m sounding like my father), very few people worked out regularly.  Perhaps some did calisthenics, but no one strove for “6-pack abs”.  And certainly in the circles I was in, people ate away from home only rarely.  Even so, few people were fat.

So, a number of questions occur to me:

Why is it that everywhere you look, there are overweight (”a few extra pounds”), very large (e.g. “BBW”), and/or obese people?

What are we going to do about it?

Sociology can give tons of reasons for the shift.  Many of the theories point to the situation that arose in the 70’s when a large number of women entered the workforce.  This, according to the theories, led to fewer and fewer family meals being prepared by hand.  American capitalism (always quick to pick up the slack) leaped into the breech, and started providing prepared meals that were readily available in frozen food sections of the local supermarkets.

Economics also contribute significantly.  The entry of large volumes of women into the workforce meant (for a time) that there was more discretionary income.  There was more money that people could spend in new ways (like going out to eat).  This in turn led to a rise in the number fast food outlets, whose products tend to be high in fat.  That very same rise opened the doors to competition, which in its own way fought to keep prices low.  Meanwhile, large-scale industrial farming brought about the commoditization of food, also contributing to low prices.  Higher and higher tech yielding lower and lower varieties of food.

In short, a perfect storm: low-cost, high-fat meals that are eaten without a lot of supervision.

Okay, I know that this is a VERY broad-brush assessment.  Even so, the fact remains, obesity rates today are skyrocketing. And I really don’t care “why”.  (A very inciteful woman told me recently that “why is a question for writers and philosophers”.  I’m more of a behaviorist.)  We are where we are, regardless of how we got here.  So the question is what we are going to do about it?

I have some suggestions.  First of all, I recommend that we start without a lot of ambition.  Rather than change the world, I advocate changing ourselves.  Each of us, one at a time.  In each moment, let each of us be aware of our own needs.  So let me ask you a couple of questions (answer honestly):

Do you understand that being overweight is bad for you?  Really?  How bad?

What positive purpose is achieved in your life by overeating?  What do you get through overeating?

Do you understand that being “less fat” than someone else is not the same as being fit and thin?

Whose responsibility is it to lose your excess weight?

What are you willing to do for yourself to stop the overeating and lose the weight?

Simply by changing your patterns of eating, you will make massive changes in your weight.  Dig into the above questions.  Be ruthless with yourself.  Get to core.

Healthy Wealthy and Green Goes Live

This is the first posting on this blog.  I’m glad to have made it this far. is a blog devoted to promoting (as you might well guess) your health, your wealth and the greening of your lifestyle.

I will be offering thoughts, musings, and product reviews about things that we eat, things that we drink and things that we clean ourselves and our environments with.  My style is light; my intent is pure; my ambition is to make a difference.  Specifically, to find the difference that makes the difference.

When all goes well, there is also the added benefit of producing positive cash flow for those who are interested.  I like making money, and I like to help others make money.

Please feel free to comment on any and all posts.  I look forward to engaging with my readers.

For a closer look at what I do and where this is going, join my mailing list by putting your name and email address in the fields in the sidebar.

I’ll write again soon.  Live well.

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