Introduction of the PHS techology.

Introduction of the PHS techology.

"Do I have to be a geek to know the word technology? I just want to take a pill when I feel sick and forget about it" - may be these were the first words that you thought while you began reading this article.

When you need to absorb into your blood stream almost 100% active, and at the same time, safe ingredients from the remedy you took - you are better of, when you know the technology of how it was prepared. For example, you think you consumed 200 mg of, lets say, of vitamin C - you might be wrong. In reality, it may work as 10 mg of bioactive vitamin C. The rest of the staff (this fact is confirmed by the FDA), might change to inactive form (it is present, but cannot work). This means that our body, instead of benefits, receives garbage and has to spend extra energy to remove it (if it can).

What''s going on? Imagine a situation: If a good basketball player has a normal size ball - it''s not a big deal for him to get the ball into the basket, but can he do it with a bigger ball? That''s what happens with molecules of the remedy you took within your blood stream: they start to attract molecules of water and, thus, they grow in their diameter. But with bigger diameter they act like an enlarged basketball with the basket: they cannot penetrate through tiny membrane holes of our cells (only normal size molecules can do it).

This explains why many people have osteoporosis. They have enough of Calcium, but its molecules just have a diameter too big to get into bones. Therefore, in this case it does not make sense to consume regular Calcium (with no technology): it will go anywhere except where it should go (to your bones). You think that extra Calcium won''t hurt you? You need to know that "garbage Calcium" might go and form stones in your kidney, liver, gallbladder or can cause a problem with your joints, etc.

What does the technology of GNI Commerce do? It returns enlarged molecules to their normal size and, thus, returns to them their initial bioactivity. What it means? For your body it is the same as when your spouse will start to bring home money instead of garbage. So, GNI Commerce technology of the PHS gives your body what it needs and will use. Plus, molecules of a remedy, activated with the technology of the PHS, will automatically activate your own body nutrients and chemicals if they were blocked.

For example, you know that sometimes a person can be the happiest human in the world until someone will say to him/her a bad news - all energy, excellent mood, pleasure of life will disappear in a moment. What happened? Did that "bad news" guy injected that person with evil drug? No, he didn''t. But what happened?

It''s simple, your own normal metabolism of happiness was blocked by increased diameter of molecules within your blood stream (level of hydration). They are still existing enlarged molecules within your blood stream, but they cannot penetrate to your cells and, therefore, do their job. The technology of the PHS allows it to return to them their initial quality to do happiness (decreases the size of molecules within the blood stream and returns to them their bioactivity). Click here to see the movie (Flash player is required).

Conclusion: the technology of the PHS can help to return to your body a normal condition on the higher level of the body regulation that allows you to have the best chance to win against your health problems. The same mechanism also activates the action of any nutrition or drug, in other words, the treatment you receive.

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A product that completely made with the technology of the PHS is ALOZONE-M™.